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BNYS., IYCF- Lactation consultant, Certified Labor Doula

Hi, I Am Dr.Rishi, a passionate naturopathy and Yoga physician.  I’m on a mission to empower and transform couples in their preconception, infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and breastfeeding exclusively through the Nature cure approach

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Couple Fertility Program

The 12 week fertility wellness program to improve your fertility and increase the chances of natural conception by 75%

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Lifestyle consultation

Unlock your optimal health through our naturopathic lifestyle consultations. With a strong focus on reversing lifestyle-oriented disorders naturally, we provide expert support to help you achieve lasting well-being. Experience the power of holistic healing today.

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Pregnancy and Natural Birth Program

Experience our Pregnancy Natural Birth Program: holistic care from early pregnancy (12 weeks) to birth, including wellness consultations and personalised support for pregnant couples. Embrace the journey to motherhood with confidence and joy.

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Labor & Birth Assistance

Our birth services are limited, ensuring exceptional care to those who book in advance. It’s wise to have your own professional doula for a satisfying and positive childbirth experience.

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Fertility Boosting Yoga

Enhance your fertility with our therapeutic and safe Fertility Boosting Yoga program. Create a fertile ambience, improve reproductive health, and experience a combination of yoga, breathwork, relaxation, and more from the comfort of your own space.

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Anitha Mumbai

I've had a fantastic experience with Dr. Rishi. The lifestyle change guidance given by Dr. Rishi has helped me overcome a few of my major health issues. She is very approachable, grounded and a motivational person. She identifies the root cause of the problem and provides an apt yet simple solution for it. I would highly recommend her for everyone especially for girls who are facing irregular periods issue/PCOS and couples who are TTC. Thank you Ma'm for being the Angel in my life 😇

Ankita Purohit Palakkad

I highly recommend everyone to go for a naturopathic approach to get healed from whatever issue they have. I had a list of gyn issues plus primary infertility. Getting pregnant naturally was near to impossible for me. Even an IVF doctor told me that. But I did get pregnant with the lifestyle as prescribed by Dr. Rishi. My pregnancy also went smoothly with no issues like sugar, BP or thyroid. If someone with failed IUIs and IVF can get pregnant who also had other issues like elevated TSH, one blocked fallopian tube, low AMH (less than 1), and endometriosis then anyone can get pregnant. I second that. This is my personal experience. Just be consistent with your routine and you will get results for sure.

Nancy AG Switzerland

We have been trying to conceive since 2016 and just wanted to try Naturopathy and got to know Dr. Rishi. She was easily approachable, always reachable and her positive attitude to make her patient's convenient was indeed super helpful for me to get conceived in a short span.. Her incredible support continued even after I got conceived and trust me she always gave useful tips and tricks, some innovative ideas whenever I faced uncertainty right from 1st month to as of date. Absolutely this info won't be provided even by Tier-1 hospitals doctors 🙂. Thank You Rishi for your wonderful hospitality, excellent treatment, your encouraging words, positive guidance and everlasting support throughout my tenure of motherhood.. You are one of best doctors I have ever met and thank God for it ..😇 More than a doctor she is an unpretentious human, sometimes 👼 ANGELS are disguised!!!!

Prabhavathy Chennai

Hi mam. The exercise sessions are extraordinary. My body aches have flown away and I feel extremely energetic. I never thought I could be energetic during the entire period of pregnancy. Thanks a ton for guiding people like us and increasing the hope of delivering a happy and energetic generation future mothers need you. 😘😘😘stay blessed and healthy

Meena Rajasekaran Chennai

We are happy to inform you that we are blessed with the baby girl on 15th February 2019.. We thank the almighty God and Dr. Rishi for making this journey wonderful. Really the last two sessions we attended on labor management and breastfeeding helped us how to manage the labor process and feed our baby at the right time.. It completely removed the panic of labor even when it's our first baby and made the delivery in a safe and natural way. (No induction no Pain killers) thank you for the wonderful sessions. We wish Rishi to continue her journey to empower most people on naturopathy. A simple thanks will not honor you but the enjoyment in us due to your guidance cannot be described..

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Best Naturopathic Care / Clinic in Chennai

Beyond Birth is a leading naturopathy clinic in Chennai, renowned for its holistic approach to health and wellness, with a particular focus on prenatal and postnatal care. Our clinic provides various services customized for women’s health, including naturopathic treatments, diet and lifestyle counseling, yoga therapy, and more.

Dr. Rishi Vardhini leads Beyond Birth, bringing her extensive experience and passion as a naturopathic doctor. Her expertise has made Beyond Birth a trusted choice for women seeking natural and holistic healthcare in Chennai.

We prioritize personalized care, understanding each person’s uniqueness and varying treatment needs. Our goal is to empower couples by educating them about their health and equipping them with tools for positive lifestyle changes.

We incorporate natural therapies, provide diet and nutrition guidance, offer yoga therapy, teach stress management techniques, and use other holistic modalities.

Our aim is to support couples in attaining optimal health and wellness throughout their journey of preconception, infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. Ultimately, we strive to assist couples in achieving a healthy and fulfilling journey into parenthood.

We offered 500 and more evidence-based prenatal programs and 750 and more couples with natural conception. You can reach us at any time by contacting us at 7639776317 or emailing us at