The creation of a new being is intended to be soul-inspiring right from the time of conception till the birth and beyond”

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Expectant moms who follow naturopathy gain only the Ideal weight- Do not suffer with any swelling in the leg or hands or face- maintain the required blood pressure, sugar, amniotic fluid levels and hormonal balance. On the other side, babies in the womb enjoy the much needed prenatal stimulation and grow into healthy super smart ones. Now, this is what we call an uncomplicated pregnancy.! 


This program is all about applying Nature cure concepts for an uncomplicated pregnancy journey and a birth experience. It includes Pregnancy wellness consultation and BB’s holistic pregnancy care right from early pregnancy (12 weeks) up to Birth and is carefully shaped with a very purpose that you cherish the moments of pregnancy armed with correct facts, specific evidence based information and essential details you wish to know. we often recommend you to sign up for this program along with THE IDEAL CHILD BIRTH WORKSHOP if you are a first time mom.!


This program is for pregnant couples and their family members. Yes, we are open to your family as well .! Being pregnant is a life changing event that every woman looks forward to. Most of the worry is caused due to the lack of knowledge about pregnancy or worse still due to misinformation, myths and misplaced beliefs. Our IDEAL CHILDBIRTH WORKSHOP will place all the facts before you and guide you to travel through your pregnancy and Birth with confidence.

The workshop includes 10+ hours of comprehensive childbirth education from the most qualified and experienced Doctor.

The workshop includes

Sometimes, childbirth does not follow an expected path and that’s absolutely normal too. BB’s IDEAL CHILD-BIRTH WORKSHOP helps you understand what causes mishaps and complications in pregnancy. This knowledge will help you withstand unexpected set-backs and correct them appropriately. We believe that every pregnant woman and her family needs to learn and prepare for her greatest experience.!


This program is for pregnant women looking forward to celebrating, learning, exercising, preparing for birth and making friends and memories in a safe, non-judgmental space during her pregnancy journey. Partly involves the partner during the couple oriented birth preparation classes. The duration is only 2 weeks, taken up anytime between 28 weeks and 36 weeks pregnancy. This includes BB’s Fit Mom Prenatal Exercise program as well.


Prenatal exercises are a form of prenatal stimulation. Fit Mom program is a part of HAPPY PREGNANCY PROGRAM but can be taken separately as well. Prenatal exercise routine is not just about fitness. It’s about strength, endurance and stamina too. This 2 weeks program (Mon- Sat regular for 12 days at 11am-12.30pm) is fun-filled to keep the range of motion free allowing smoother movements and eventually prepare for birth. Looking forward to an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth, try our FIT MOM program.


Combining all the key Pregnancy programs of BEYOND BIRTH and making it an ALL-In –One signature Program makes it totally unique, affordable and super convenient to go with the flow.. Cherish the moments of pregnancy while I Personally guide you along your journey.. Talk to us if you wish to know more.

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