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BNYS., IYCF- Lactation consultant, Certified Labor Doula

FOUNDER – Beyond Birth®

Hi.. Am Dr.Rishi.. I’m on a mission to empower women and couples to transform themselves into their best version to create a healthier next generation.!

What brings me here..

Initially I was so inclined to guide Pregnant Women through Holistic concepts for a smooth Natural delivery which I taught is the sole purpose in my life.  But the responsibility of handling couples on Infertility issues was something that came my way when I started working at smiles nature cure. I changed my entire perspective. Seeing children with Autism, Global developmental delay and ADHD. I realized the need to intervene much before the phase of conception itself where we can prevent many such neuro-developmental disorders.

In 2016, My dream project BEYOND BIRTH took a different shape and now I find myself handling infertility with much ease with 7+years of experience in the field. !

Here’s something personal about me.

Besides being a doctor I am proud to call myself a Mom. The first thing you notice about me is that I look younger for my age. I always feel so responsible towards my family but the rest of my time is undoubtedly dedicated to BEYOND BIRTH where I find the purpose of my life and feel extremely blessed to serve couples in their most crucial phases of life…

I read a lot of motivational quotes to motivate myself… To my clients am just a phone call away and I’ve never felt myself at work coz I chose my passion over profession and made it my full time job…!

All about my career advancements

Having completed my 5 and half years Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yoga (2016), I received my doctorate from M.G.R Medical University, Chennai. With 7+ years of clinical experience in the field of Naturopathy, I’m currently a Lifestyle consultant specializing in Holistic Fertility wellness and Natural birth. An expert in handling pregnancy associated complications. I’m also an IYCF and Lactation counsellor certified from BPNI (2019). Interested in birthing modalities I underwent few explorative internship programs on Normal vaginal birthing techniques and chased my passion to be a Certified Birth Doula (2022) to offer satisfying birth experience to the women in labor

  Am quite known for my uniqueness in offering Holistic Naturopathic interventions (Treating without medicines) for INFERTILITY, where I helped 750+ couples so far to Conceive naturally. I conduct consultation programs and Therapeutic yoga to support women right from preconception (including those with Lifestyle oriented fertility issues), Pregnancy, Birth, Breast-feeding and BEYOND, helping women for a joyful transition to motherhood.!

I have been successfully offering evidence– based PRENATAL educational programs to over 3k+ couples.  All the guidance and support needed during pregnancy are catered in my program leading women to experience an uncomplicated gentle pregnancy as well as birthing experience. I’m a Menstrual Health Educator also specializing in maternal and childhood nutrition and an active trainer at ICDS (Integrated Child Developmental Services), a Govt. Scheme which aims to promote the skills of Anganwadi workers.

Dr. Rishi Vardhini

“I really had a wonderful pregnancy and Birthing experience just because I was completely empowered to follow Naturopathy and I believe that every woman deserves it too. So, BEYOND BIRTH is my dream. Here I am working towards my passion to guide and empower the couples I come across during this crucial phase of life making their pregnancy absolutely uncomplicated for a satisfied birth experience like the one I had because these moments remain with us forever…..!”



“A Healthy outside starts from the inside”

Beyond Birth is Tamil Nadu’s first authentic Naturopathy Clinic for women since 2016 offering EXCLUSIVE holistic approach to reverse and cure lifestyle- oriented disorders without unnecessary medicines and medical interventions especially- before, during and after pregnancy.  

We are well-known for our Fertility Reset program and Pregnancy wellness program . Our approach is purely based on the principles of Nature cure. Following a structured sequence of services without the use of any medicines make us stand out successfully. We offer lifestyle consultation program for various conditions, informational support and Naturopathic interventions such as Fasting therapy, Diet therapy, Therapeutic yoga, Manipulative therapy, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy and more which impart cure and long term well-being.

We constantly emphasize the importance of lifestyle modification right from Pre- conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Breast-feeding. We believe that just by following the laws of nature, we can prevent and reverse complications associated with Pregnancy and protect the next generation from multitude of lifestyle disorders.

When it means Naturopathy- Consistent effort, Determination, Sacrifice and Patience are not just words. In short, Naturopathy is a science of healing and BEYOND BIRTH helps you optimize your health all naturally.


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